• OSGi development

    OSGi development, including OSGi R8.1 and R8 specifications' implementations, and migrations

    From simple projects to those consisting of hundreds of modules, both OSGi and non-OSGi, I will help you with any of the OSGi Core, Compendium and Enterprise specifications' implementations, including Apache Felix and Apache Aries, as well as migrating to OSGi...

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  • Automation

    Infrastructure, Build, Documentation, Architecture, and Business Automation

    Facilitate great products/services and a healthy organizational culture with Application Integrated Programmatic Infrastructure Automation, Build Automation, Documentation & Architecture Automation and/or Business Automation.

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  • Micro-services

    OSGi, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless based microservices

    Micro-services, microservices, μservices, SOA 2.0, etc.–regardless of which label you use, the widespread cultural and technical adoption of Agile methods, DevOps culture, cloud, containers and CI/CD methods makes it possible and ever more efficient to build truly modular, large-scale, service-optimized software systems...

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  • Migrations

    Future-proof your platforms and development environments

    The benefits a well executed migration process brings are numerous, including future-proofing your platforms and development environments, enabling development of new features, enabling Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD), saving time and money, and much more...

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  • Consulting

    Turn your business idea into working software

    From conceptualization through delivery, utilizing efficient and innovative methods and techniques for requirements gathering and analysis, I will work with you to clearly understand your needs, scope the project, then perform any necessary engineering work to deliver the final solution...

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