Implemented automated applications facilitating exchange of data generated in custom-made MIS/ERP system for use in accounting

One of the features and primary benefits of architecture created as part of migration to new environment of custom-made MIS/ERP system is the ability to easily extend the MIS/ ERP system with additional capabilities with minimal interference into the application code of the system itself.

It is this feature which was utilized in designing and implementing a set of automated mini-applications facilitating exchange of data generated in the custom-made MIS/ERP system for use in accounting, i.e. automated generation of payout summaries, warehouse summaries, and cash settlements, each scheduled once per month.

Utilizing Python and its Pandas and Excel Writer libraries, along with SQL, custom-made EDI++ format generator, custom-built Docker images and deployed into Kubernetes cluster as cron jobs, communicating with same MariaDB database as the main MIS/ERP system, and periodically generating and saving files generated into mounted NFS share, then sending notifications via email.

Technology stack:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • MariaDB
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • NFS
  • Ubuntu 18.04 minimal
  • Subiekt GT